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New Reiko Cartoon and Stuff!

2007-07-23 11:15:48 by TaintedInk

Hello Newgrounds!

I just spent some time getting this new Newgrounds page set-up. It's neat having my own little hole on newgrounds. I figured I should post something to fill in the blankness. I updated my account information, too. But eventhough I did not enter a birthday, newgrounds seems insistant that I am 7 years old. Oh well.

I just put up a new Contemplating Reiko cartoon today called "Janken Donut". Janken refers to "Rock, Paper, Scissors" in Japanese, and donut refers to "donut". This cartoon has more talking in it than any previous work that I've done. I think it came out prettywell. I hope you like it, too.

Well, you can always contact me via this page, send me e-mail, or visit my my web site Tainted Ink.com where I have lots of Reiko comic strips, ecards, a forum, and other stuff.


New Reiko Cartoon and Stuff!