New Contemplating Reiko Cartoon - "S'no Fair"!

2008-03-08 20:59:27 by TaintedInk

I posted a new Reiko cartoon called "S'no Fair!"

Reiko gets pelted with snowballs by a bully. Poor thing.

New Contemplating Reiko Cartoon - "S'no Fair"!


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2008-03-09 10:54:05

I love the style, but your animating needs major improvement.

But i guess that's what makes it cool. :B


2008-03-09 14:09:07

I love this one. its ironic that it takes place on a snowy day seeing as how where i live we just got 50cm of snow.


2008-03-22 17:54:55

hi o___O
If you want to respond esque this good it does not matter
Quiciera know who is reyko, osea if it exists in real life or is just your imagination

TaintedInk responds:

I don't understand.