New Contemplating Reiko Cartoon - "Lump of Coal"!

2007-12-20 19:06:39 by TaintedInk

There's a new Reiko cartoon called "Lump of Coal"!

I really worked hard to get this cartoon out in time for Christmas. It's not as violent as most of my cartoons but I really like it and I hope you will do.

Happy Holidays!

New Contemplating Reiko Cartoon - "Lump of Coal"!


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2007-12-20 22:06:10

It was good :]

TaintedInk responds:

Thank you!


2007-12-21 07:08:52

First time we heard Rwiko talk properly I think :)
Who voices her?

TaintedInk responds:

Reiko has spoken before.
Her voice is Rika Suzuki.

(FYI: That's why it says "Voice by Rika Suzuki" on the title screen.)


2007-12-21 14:37:53

Very good, I guess being naughty pays off after all ^^

TaintedInk responds:

Thanks a lot. Glad you like it.


2007-12-21 16:11:13

Vote 5 and 10. :-)

TaintedInk responds:

Thanks. You're the nicest French Canadian on Newgrounds, Sirk, and definitely one of the best cartoonists on here.

Long live Miss Dynamite!

And enjoy the snow up there!