New Contemplating Reiko Flash Cartoon - The Fly!

2007-12-09 09:23:00 by TaintedInk

I've posted a new Contemplating Reiko cartoon called "The Fly". Reiko gets pissed off by an annoying fly. Never get in Reiko's way when she's pissed off.

I think this cartoon came out well. Some people think my pacing is slow, but to me that is part of the mood and tone of my cartoons in general.

I recently updated a new version of this cartoon with a new color for the blood. People were complaining it looked orange.

Well, please enjoy the cartoon!

New Contemplating Reiko Flash Cartoon - The Fly!


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2007-12-09 09:37:42

awesome this sounds very good.


2007-12-09 09:57:43

Funny Stuff.

TaintedInk responds:



2007-12-09 21:11:16

Yeah the blood was orange in this one. I'd have to agree with the people who say Reiko goes a little too slow, but ah well.


2007-12-10 02:20:05

Now I think you're wierd.