Disney is buying Marvel

2009-08-31 10:31:45 by TaintedInk

Disney is buying Marvel comics.

Check out this news article.

Nothing good can come of this.

Disney is buying Marvel


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2009-08-31 10:57:20

I'm curious how this is going to affect Island of Adventure's comic book world. Will they shut everything down and rebuild it?


2009-08-31 11:04:41

i dont think anything good can come of this..


2009-08-31 11:05:45

Aww crap, nothing is going to be good from this buying... Just watch old disney movie and watch today movie... You will see a huge difference in story quality. But still some movie they do are still good.


2009-08-31 11:13:27

Oh shit


2009-08-31 11:13:36

It disgusts me how so many of Marvel's legendary characters-including Spider-Man-will be considered.....Disney characters!!!!! D:


2009-08-31 11:18:19

That's not good.The only disney combo that was good was Kingdom Hearts.I don't want stuff like Mickey with Spider Powers.D:


2009-08-31 11:18:30

You know the first thing they're going to do is cancel Punisher.


2009-08-31 11:19:06

I Sware, This Better Not Make My Comics Any Less Violent......


2009-08-31 11:21:28

what happened to my comment i made 5 minutes ago?

= /

TaintedInk responds:

I fucked up and deleted it by accident. Sorry, man.


2009-08-31 11:25:27

That is such bull. The World gets worse every fucking day.


2009-08-31 11:30:43

I know i've said this before, but never has it been more true. Comics are officially DEAD.


2009-08-31 11:34:03

I don't see what everyone complaining about. Marvel is arguably as big a marketing whore as Disney is. It's even been compared to Disney hundreds of times for its sheer scope and character driven business model. As if they had any shred of dignity left anyway.

TaintedInk responds:

Marvel had one shred of dignity left... and that was the fact that it wasn't Disney.


2009-08-31 11:37:54

I can't wait for the Spiderman princess movie to come out, or the Fantasia vs The Beauty and the Beast arcade fighter.


2009-08-31 11:51:16



2009-08-31 11:55:20

Oh okay so getting absorbed into Disney automatically makes you evil okay well the next time you tell a kid whose eyes lit up running around and having a life altering wonderful experience at a Disney Park or a kid who grew up watching Disney cartoons and wants to tell the world his own stories through animation that Disney is an evil company that just wants their money I wanna know how it feels to erase happiness from someone's life okay.

I've never seen a company quite like Marvel that regurgitates its own broken outdated BS stories so often that it actually makes me hate their own coveted historical characters.

The fact that you or anyone else favors Marvel over Disney as if its some dark horse underdog trying to rise through the ranks with its unique storytelling abilities is total BS. Disney and Marvel are both guilty of the same garbage you accuse only Disney of and both companies are as money hungry as the next multi-billion dollar conglomerate. I could argue for or against either company righteously and use the same exact arguments for either. Take those two statements I opened with and switch the company names around.


2009-08-31 11:55:26

You guys are overexagerating, like fuck, its not like in Spiderman 4, Jonas Brothers are gunna be the bad guys. Nothing is gunna change. Calm your balls


2009-08-31 11:57:00

WHAT THE HELL!?!?..god i can just imagine whats next...



2009-08-31 11:57:19

Woah....... that sucks!


2009-08-31 12:08:03

so that mean that on the next Kingdom Hearts games,spider-man and the fantastic 4 kick the heartless ass?


2009-08-31 12:16:10

To lpfann2 The Spider-Man Broadway Musical is already in production. Seriously. Look it up.


2009-08-31 12:18:28

disney capitalisticly owned marvel

TaintedInk responds:

Mickey's a pimp and Spider-man, Dr. Doom, Captain America, and the Hulk are his bitches.


2009-08-31 12:24:37

if mickey has wolverine claws thatd be kinda cool...


2009-08-31 12:31:13

lol @ ego.

Marvel brought me transformers, making it automatically cooler than Disney.


2009-08-31 12:33:01

omg! Ironman, Ghost rider!! NOOOOO! *sob*

... they died bravely.


2009-08-31 12:43:24

Disney already went to far when it took over my Broadway.


2009-08-31 13:08:55

Just noticed Batman in the photo. He looks amused. Or possibly stoned.


2009-08-31 13:14:32

There goes all of the action scenes and good characters.


2009-08-31 13:22:47



2009-08-31 13:27:51

great. JUST FUCKING GREAT! nao were gonna see alot of mickey mouse appearing in spiderman bullshit or a game where in UA2 mickey and donald are hidden chars? MAN FUCK! they better NOT tone down the voilence -_- cuz if i see punisher hugin a kid or givin out lolipops ima be fuckin PISSED OR if i stop seein hulk rip people in half ima be SUPA PISSED! OMFG or maybe theres a good side O_O MAYBE THIS WILL MAKE DISNEY MORE VIOLENT =D!!!! naw we all know thats sure as hell aint gonna happen >_> as long as marvel doesnt change im happy =\ if their start fuckin with marvel ima neva watch a dam disney film eva again....


2009-08-31 13:33:34

I'm not really surprised and at the same time appalled by the move.

Disney and Marvel have been making business deals between the two for decades. When a Disney comic came out, it was distributed under the Marvel label. I knew since the age of 12 that since there was a Warner Bros./DC Comics thing going on, that it would only make sense that there be a Disney/Marvel happening as well.

Looks like the giants really want to face off with each other, huh?

Marvel Comics, when turned to video games, are better than DC's. Movie wise who knows. V for Vendetta kicked ass. But the Blade Trilogy did as well. All the Batman movies, except for one, were all pretty good. All the Superman movies, nix the last few monstrosities, were pretty entertaining. When it came to X-Men or Spiderman I was pretty peeved that they had to waterdown and switch some of the characters around just to appease the audience who doesn't know anything about them.

I'd say it's a toss up. lol

In anycase, even though Disney has been under new management for a little while now, I just hope and pray that Marvel doesn't become some Hannah Montana haven for 7 yr old readers.

Please God, don't do it!!!


2009-08-31 13:35:12

o dude its ok im actually a fan of yours i love the rieko series so yeh...totally forgiven!



2009-08-31 13:38:13

well all i can say its thank god they buy marvel AND NOT Mc. Farlanes Comics, because if they do i will burn down all Disneys instalations. Any way to be real no good will come from this espect the worse >>> winny poo + Hulk = OMG 0_0' i dont wana see that coming :C nor think about it :P


2009-08-31 13:44:02


I'm pretty sure the acquisition was because Disney doesn't have any strong Pre-teen/teen boy properties anymore. Seeing how they are the largest entertainment conglomerate in the world, they are looking to aim at all markets, both domestic and worldwide. Just as ABC has absolutely no nods to Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers and has its own unique programming like Lost and Castle, I'm sure they will continue the Marvel brand as it is right now.

And honestly, I don't see why this worries you since any trip to Wal-Mart will yield Spider-man children's backpacks and Pee-Wee oversized head Spiderman toys with smiley faces and kid friendly dialog.


2009-08-31 13:52:23


well your both right....and we'll have to see how this turns out i mean they already are making predictions on the investments that are pretty good but....something is making me feel a bit unnerved about this decision i just cant seem shake the feeling.....


2009-08-31 14:04:58

the one thing that I'm concerned is the fact that Disney try to be a family orientated as is physically possible. While Marvel really only has a small audience when compared to Disney and doesn't do a bad job of giving them what they want. Marvel and Disney are on 2 completely different ends of the spectrum. I only Hope that Disney will stay true to Marvel classics... Maybe this might be a good thing but then again high school musical seems to have a million fans (God knows why)... PLZ DON'T KILL MUH FUN DISNEY!!!


2009-08-31 14:10:00



2009-08-31 14:16:24


All the movie whoring Marvel has done and they still didn't stay their own company. Ah ha. God.

Although it still sucks, maybe this will be like DC being owned by Warner brothers. They never seemed to butt in except when they make movies which seems to be where Marvel concern and money is. WB seems to have sat on their DC properties compared to Marvel. And Marvel as animation goes can't get more gay. There is a cartoon about a "teen" Iron Man out now. So Disney couldn't fuck that up more.

"Marvel television shows also already account for 20 hours per week of programming "

I'm thinking most of that is from the 90's. Anything watchable anyway.

This right here made me want to wretch :

"Marvel television shows also already account for 20 hours per week of programming on Disney's recently rebranded, boy-focused cable network, Disney XD, and that looks likely to increase, Iger said. The shows are "right in the wheelhouse for boys," he said."

They had 2d animation block for more then a decade and never had this "problem" before. Now they can't figure why their cable network is bile?

They have to leech off other companies now because they have nothing themselves to offer anymore.


2009-08-31 14:33:04

Oh shit...


2009-08-31 15:08:55

Game over man, Game over.

TaintedInk responds:

Maybe we could build a fire, sing a couple of songs, huh? Why don't we try that?


2009-08-31 15:09:13


Great...so...The X-Men are going to sing to each other about how they love one another and why Magneto should give up his evil ways?


2009-08-31 15:31:25

Goofy will be hanging out with The Hulk

At least they will release some decent animated film with superheroes now


2009-08-31 15:34:39

Egoraptor is right about them both being focused more on money and that they are 'equals' of sorts (That is what you were getting at, correct?), it's true, but I think everyone's just afraid they're going to make all of it "kid-friendly" and take most of the enjoyment out of it for the rest of us. I don't want them to wussify Wolverine either xD. I know they've kind of done this with some of the cartoons, but at least there were other outlets that could focus more on the mature aspect of the entertainment, adding violence and darker storylines than some of the morning cartoons.


2009-08-31 15:36:08

the next movie they make will be about spiderman riding a talking car with mickey mouse in the passenger D:


2009-08-31 15:41:53

boom, marvel.


2009-08-31 15:52:28

WHAT?!?! I thought this would just be a joke news thing... but WHAT?!! NO!!!!

All life has ended as I know it. Farewell Spiderman and other childhood heroes. :'(


2009-08-31 15:58:20

couldnt care less


2009-08-31 15:59:01

damnit now the movies are going to be worse now due to disney's family friendly thing they have


2009-08-31 15:59:37

Egoraptor is rite. Slurp slurp sllurp.


2009-08-31 16:10:22

This is blasphemy.

And possibly the biggest kick in the balls a marvel superhero can get.