New Reiko Cartoon and Reiko Collection!

2007-09-15 11:50:20 by TaintedInk

I've submitted a new Contemplating Reiko cartoon called "The Bike Shed". Reiko tries to ride a bike but isn't very good at it apparently. Go watch!

Also to my surprise there's a new Contemplating Reiko Collection on Newgrounds! Woo-woo!

Thanks Tom and the rest of the Newgrounds staff! I really appreciate it.

New Reiko Cartoon and Reiko Collection!


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2007-09-16 12:29:22

Congrats. :3

TaintedInk responds:



2007-10-09 20:32:08

i was watching "The Bike Shed" and i was thinking to myself where the hell is all the blood i have come to love from Reiko?But like any person with a will of his own i waited and then i saw the kid get bludgeon'd to death.its was well worth the wait.anywho i would just like to say good job on this flash like all the rest and i hope to keep see'ing more good day sir